About the Company


MinQuest Consultants is more than just a geological consulting/contracting service provider. We are passionate about the exploration sector and are committed to providing a practical, innovative and scientific approach.

We offer five key advantages:

  • Global resource industry practical experience
  • Applied scientific approaches to exploration
  • A customised on-time and cost-effective program, developed in consultation with you, our client
  • A good understanding of monitoring, auditing, risk management and continual improvement of the resource project itself, as well as attendant Health, Safety and Environmental protection
  • A focus on Data system design, Data Capture and Management


Our success is dependent upon the success of the client's project. For this reason we are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards of quality and service, to industry best practice, with very competitive fees but without compromise. Our diligence and focus comes from asking ourselves, “What would we want if WE were the client?”  

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