Geological Services

Exploration & Evaluation

We believe that by understanding the goals of your company and integrating our practical experience and knowledge with your situation, we can develop customised, practical solutions that add maximum value to your project. By applying the lessons learned in other projects and rigorously monitoring outcomes, we constantly strive to improve the performance of exploration and production projects. We are practical geologists with wide-ranging experience in the Australian and international exploration industry. Though we certainly have extensive technical, administrative, logistical and organisational support through our office and site support personnel, at heart, we are a team of geologists who prefer to have our boots on the ground. This is why we feel we are better suited than most to provide practical, scientific, timely, cost-efficient and accurate geological services for our global clients.

Though we particularly specialise in managing drilling programs and project generation, we offer a broad range of services.

Our services for Exploration & Mining clients include:

  • Regional geological target assessment and project generation globally, from grass roots to mine development
  • Exploration program initiation and full project management to best industry standards
  • Exploration program design, budgeting and implementation
  • Geological mapping (regional & local)
  • Geochemical and geophysical survey planning
  • Supervision of drilling programmes, targeting study and diamond and RC logging
  • Contract reviews & assessment (drilling; geophysical; geochemical)
  • Exploration planning & supervision, employing advanced techniques & models
  • All aspects of underground geology (from mapping and grade control, to training)
  • Auditing, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of any mineral project
  • Database setup, compilation, validation management and analysis
  • Integrated modelling, interpretation and target prioritisation
  • Negotiating with foreign companies and governments – project generation & acquisition
  • Engagement and management of specialists for specific technical analysis, auditing, design, etc.
  • Assist in establishing SOPs, risk management and Health, Safety and Environmental protection procedures
  • Providing technical expertise to ensure maximum productivity in exploration, production, business administration and support
  • Due Diligence and reporting